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salting n : the act of adding salt to food

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  1. present participle of salt


  1. the act of sprinkling salt, either on food, or on an icy road
  2. a salt marsh

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Salting may refer to:
  • Salting (food), the preparation of food with edible salt for conservation or taste
  • Salting (cryptography), a method to secure passwords
  • Salting the earth, the military practice of spreading salt on fields to make them unusable for crop-growing
  • Salting out, a method of separating proteins using salt
  • The application of salt to roads in winter to act as a de-icer
  • A kind of confidence trick in which valuable resources are scattered on a piece of property to be "discovered" by a prospective buyer
  • Allowing a horse to catch the nagana disease, so that after recovery the horse can be used in infected areas
  • Salting mailing lists, including fictitious entries in mailing lists to detect misuse
salting in French: Salage
Salting(Physical Geography)=Marshy Area By The Sea containg plants which can grow in salt water.
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